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Stinkbugs arrived in america in allantown Pennsylvania. Since that time stink bugs have taken over, invading homes and just being annoying. Stink bugs seem to be impossible to control,and the more you kill ,it seems that more show up.The reason for this is that when stink bugs are kille by unnatural fashion they release a chemical attracting more stink bugs.the only way to fully get rid of stink bugs is to call an exterminator to do it.

external image stink-bugs.jpgHere are some ways you can controll them yourselves.
_Spray large masses of sink bugs with rubbing alchohal
_remove their homes leaf piles,wood stacs,ect.
___use a powdered insecticide on the perimiter of your house
Although, they are pests stink bugs cannot harm humans or any animal so you dont need to worry.