World Expo Shanghai 2010

Anthony Pan

Being the first World Exposition on the theme of city, focusing on the theme "Better City, Better Life", 2010 Shanghai Expo is a great event to explore the full potential of urban life in the 21st century and a significant period in urban evolution.
The Chinese Government endeavoured to attract about 200 nations and international organizations to join the 2010 Shanghai Expo.
Welcome to China, Welcome to Shanghai and Welcome to 2010 Shanghai World Expo.
external image shanghai-expo-lights-1-display.jpgexternal image China-Pavilion-460x230.jpg
The main structure of the China Pavilion, "The Crown of the East," has a distinctive roof, made of traditional style, which has more than 2,000 years' history.

An amazing show of lighting and fireworks were presented for the opening ceremony of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.
The show was held along the Huangpu River in Shanghai.
The Expo is scheduled to last for six months from May 1 to Oct. 31, 2010.
The World Expo is a global event, huge in space and content. It aims to encourage the exchange of ideas and development of the world' s economy, culture, science and technology, to allow exhibitors to publicise and display their achievements and improve international relationships. It is the third largest event in the world in terms of economic and cultural impact, after the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games.!/shworldexpo?v=wall&ref=ts
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"The World Expo is opening in the Chinese city of Shanghai - the first time a developing country has hosted the event."
"The 2010 World Expo has opened in the city of Shanghai in what China hopes will be further proof of its rising global influence."