Wild Fires

Wild fires are huge fires that can burn down forest, fields, grasslands, shrubs, and much more. Wild fires can be really big or small either way they destroy the enviroment, which is not good. Wild fires are very costly and can damage ecosystems. Canada has spent 500 million dollars on fire fighting in the last year. Wild fires are most likely to happen during droughts.
Wild fires not only destroy the enviroment but can also destroy schools, homes, stores, and even people. Some wild fires can alter ecosystems it can make trees 75% less dense then it was before. Wild fires can get big and out of control some can not be tamed. Wild fires are a golbal threat and needs to be stoped. They are destroying the earth and its natural wild life. Some wild fires are started by some kids trying to start fires but it turns out in a big disaster. Most wild fires are started from a small spark or evern the sun. sometimes it can start from an explosion. Wild fires can burn up to 5 million acres of land in a year. Sometimes wild fires get so bad that people need to evacuate the area and leave there houses and belongind behind.
Common cause of willd fires are:
  • Arson
  • Campfires
  • Discarding lit cigarettes
  • Improperly burning debris
  • Playing with matches or fireworks
  • Prescribed fires
There are many ways wild fires can be stoped. Hotshots are fire fighters that stop the fire from spreading by removing the objects that could be burned. Smokejumpers are people that jump out of planes and stop small fire from spreading into larger ones. Sometimes they use backfires which are fires started from the ground to burn the extra fuel so the fire cant spread. There are also air tankers which drop water and fire retardant on the fires to stop them.

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By: Anthony Hipple