Water Pollution
external image Water-pollution.jpg
This is a picture of sewage leaking in to a water body

Water pollution is when a body of water is filled with trash or chemicals. Some of the most common thing in around winter the water is salt.
road salt
road salt

This is a picture of road solt that when it melts it goes in to the water

The salt in the water is the salt the melt ice on the road to keep us safe but harms the water.
Most chemicals harm the animals as well. the chemical that hurts the fish the most is DDT.
DDT is found around manufacturing plant Chemical plant and found in pesticides.
Our government is even poisoning us with rocket fuel also known as perchlorate. It harms women when they are pregnant. The chemical trigger a thyroid deficiency, and when this happens they need to give surgery to pregnant women.
About 81 percent of fresh water is polluted.
Also oil is very common as well in water. As most people know about the big oil spill in the gulf. It killed millions of animals. When people are trying to get rid of oil they sometimes pollute water more.

external image polluted_water.jpg
This is a picture of a river filled with oil

My point of view is that i think we should think of our actions before we do the action like thowing a piece of trash in to a water body.


Joe Smo :)