Obesity in AmericaBy Alliyah Allen

Obesity is a medical condition, where one has excess body weight. The eating disorder is slowly taking over America due to the unhealthy ways of our fellow citizens. This means that we have millions of Americans who become obese due to overabundance of eating foods and the lack of physical activity. One should not be obese simply because the disorder can make his/her life much worse. The extra weight can slow you down when it comes to performing everyday activity such as shopping, or walking somewhere. Being obese is extremely detrimental when it comes to playing a sport or activity. Here's a video about an obese man and his struggle with obesity.


There are many reasons that can be thought of, as to why America is becoming predominately obese. The first that comes to mine, is fast food. There are millions of McDonalds, Burger Kings, Wendy's, and Taco Bells in America. You can see a fast food business on every corner, food court, and highway rest stop. Whether its McDonalds or Burger King, you're destined to go to one. Think about it, you're driving home from a long day of work. Your eyes are about to close at any second. What is the average person more likely to do- Cook a full course meal, or go through that Taco Bell Drive-Thru? My answer would be Taco Bell, and all the processed taco won't stop your chances of this eating disorder. Another reason for why America is becoming obese is the lack of physical activity. We have laptops, iPods, TVs, and much more to occupy our time. What's the reason for going outside and playing around? America has too many people who will sit at computer for hours, and eat a Big Mac while doing such. Technology is not bad, but a excess amount of it is brutal damage to one's body and health. Here's a video to better explain how fast food and lack of exercise is causing an uprise of obese Americans.

These are some of the foods that's making America an obese country

There is a chart that will tell you whether you are underweight, healthy, overweight, or obese. This chart is the Body Mass Index, or BMI Chart. On the left side it shows height, and the left shows weight. The numbers will read whether you are one of the four described above.
Here's the BMI Chart

To prevent obesity, and other eating disorders there are two things that one can do: EAT RIGHT, AND EXERCISE!