Gerald Truehart

Elephant Shrew

Recently a New Speices of elephant shrew has been discovered in Kenya. It is believed to be the first siting of the kind of shrew. It appeared in an Keyna forest near the Solmalian border on September 21st.The shrew could help scientist laern more about coastal forest reign, which has been troublesome to learn about because of its distance to Somlia. This is the first time any shrew has been scene resembleing the one that has been spoted in the kenyan forest. The scientist believe that the elephant shrew could more closely be ralated to elephants than to shrews. The scientists also hope that with the new discovery more attention will be paid to Africa's East coast forests.
Shrew.jpgTo the left is a picture of the newly discovered Elephant Shrew. With its long nose and legs it closely resembles that of an elephant. Which is why it was given the name Elephant Shrew.

There are 17 species of shrew all of which orginating from Africa. Counting this new species of shrew there will soon be 18 spieces of shrew around the world orginaitng from Africa. How do you feel about this new discovery? Do you think it will allow us to farther research looking for new species here on earth? What's your favorite species?

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