There are two amazing new dinosaurs discovered in Utah. They are very old, and very big!

Utahceratops gettyi:
This dinosaur was the larger one. Just like the Triceratops, the Utahceratops has a horn on its nose. Unlike its cousin, though, the new species has short horns that stick out of the side of the head near the eyes. It's skull was a wopping 7ft long. The ful l body is 200 feet long. That is the size of four 7th grader! They are giantic plant eaters


Kosmoceratops richardsoni:
Kosmoceratops richardsoni is the smaller of the two, but has an amazing 15 horns on its head, which are over the nose, eyes, cheek bones and on the frill. The horns were not actually used for fighting, but for mating rituals, just like a peacock's feathers. Kosmoceratops was about 15 feet (with is 5 meters) long and weighed around 5,500 pounds (2,500 kilograms) when alive. It is related to the Triceratops which most of you have probably heard of.
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By Ashley D'Alessandro