There are people who are scared of mental illnesses, and degrade the difficulty of countries without healthcare. There are about 450-500 million people who have a medical illness get absolutely no healthcare treatment. They cost more than diseases that can be spread, which is ironic becuse they are mostly fixable, but the thing is less than 2% of healthcare pays for the mental illnesses. Mental illnesses are becoming more important to the government, but not as important as pyhsical illnesses. People who are mentally ill can have difficulty getting treatment. People keep the number of therapist visits to a minimum for the mentally ill, only about 20 visits per year. They have even less inpatient hospitalizations. Only about 14 per year. Many people go to jailbecause they can't afford the healthcare. There's a website called Disability Rights International. They want to help people with mental disabilities get the treatment they need, and they make sure people with disabilities get the same rights.
disabilities-act1.gifmdri-logo.gifThere are also many different acts to help out with people with disabilities. There is the Americans with Disabilities Act helps with discrimination in the workplace, government services, public accommodations, public transportation, and commercial businesses. There is also the Fair Housing Business Act, which outlaws housing discrimination. Landlords and people who own housing must make spaces for people with disabilities. It's actually illegal not to do so. The Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act allows the government to investigate Institutions in case of any mistreatment. In other words, if the government feels like an institution is treating their residents unfairly, they have the right to investigate. Finally, there's the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. This allows children with disabilities to receive good education, and make sure that teachers don't treat them any differently than any neuro-typical student. Public schools are required to have a specific education plan for his/her own needs. by Me (aka Liz Forest)