Distracted Driving

Tecnology today is killing people. People are dying in car accidents because they are gettig distracted. More and more people are getting killed in car accidents each year. There are young new drivers out on the road allready but now there are more distraction like cell phones. but it is not just tecnology that is destracting people but also other people. Having friends in the car is also a way people get destratced they start talking with friends or playing with the radio. all these things are destracting drivers and people are getting into acidents. A lot of people are either getitng really hurt or even killed from car accidents involving destracted drivers.

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My questions is with all these destracted drivers some new drivers do you still feel safe on the road? Do you feel less safe then you did before? What problem do you think tecnology will cause 10 years from now?

Drivers all the time are getting destracted destraced all the time because of cell phones and texting. These destractions are causing people to get in to car accidents and get killed. While doing research on destracted drivers i found this very interesting article. http://wheels.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/09/22/distracted-driving-remedy-technology-vs-technology/?scp=1&sq=distracted%20driving%20remedy;%20technology%20vs.%20Technology&st=cse .
This article is talking about coming up with new ideas for tecnology to prevent people from getting in to car accident from texting and talking on the phone.

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Did you know?

  • Fatal car crashes at 16 years old are five times more then 20 years old and above.
  • you have 400 percent more a change of getting in a car accident when using your cell phone!!!
  • more than 4,300 crashes happen every day!!
  • In 2008 more then half a million people we injuried from car accidenets with destracted drivers and 6,oo people were killed




These websites are very interesting and tell you great information. they are talking about how teenagers cause more crashes then adults. how tecnology now a day is distracting drivers and causing them to get in to car accidents. It also talks about how because of distracted drivers alot of people are dying in car accidents.

Distracting Objects:
  • Cell Phones
  • Radios
  • Other people in the car

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