CyberBullyingCyberBullyingCyberBullyingCyberBullyingCyberBullyingBy:Bria Wilkins

CyberBullying is becoming more and more prevelant as we move more into the electronical world. Basically sumed up, CyberBullying is people being mean or tormenting others through either Facebook, text messaging, or emails.


CyberBullying is an epdemic and it needs to stop. Too many teens are comitting suicide because of mean , insecure people talking about them. Suicide has become one of the leading ways of death among teens besides drunk drving or texting while driving. The new term for this has become "Bully-Cide" , this basically means bullying that leads to death by suicide. Bullying 100% preventable and should not even be as prevelant as it is. Bullying is people channeling there negativity, insecurities, home issues. Some people put there own issues on to others to try and make themselves feel better. But they rarely notice it because they suppress there own feelings in an unhealthy way themselves. The root problem is that the bullies themselves don't have someone to vent to and it's really unhealthy for a person to walk around with those feelings all bottled up. Regardless bullying isn't just the bully it's also the parents of the bully for not addressing the problem ad trying to fix it. Lots of media is doing better to bring better awareness to CyberBullying and it is helping with the issue a bit more. Telling if your being CybrBullied is not a bad thing it is actually good and can help others from going through the same thing.