California Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion

Andrew Riblet

On September 9, 2010 a gas pipeline in San Bruno California exploded causing the destruction of houses, severer injury, and death. This explosion came from a pipeline installed in 1952 and according to PG&E, the company that owned the pipeline, wa last checked for problems in March 2010. This pipe had an extremly high risk and was going to be changed within a few months.

This is a picture from an nrp stroy talking about the aftermath of the blast and what people are doing now.
The blast created a crater 167 feet long and 26 wide. Curently the blast has taken 8 lives and over 50 homes in the area.
Now the community of San Bruno is trying to regroup and reconstruct what had been damaged.
Also the company, PG&E, has been trying to help in these efforts and previding support the community the best ways they can.
A home destroyed after a fatal fire in San  Bruno, Calif.
A home destroyed after a fatal fire in San Bruno, Calif.

This is a picture from a photo album that were taken when respondes first got to the seen.
Lastly there is a question that people all over the US are asking: Can this happen to me? The answer is probably not. For example this pipeline was very old and was also at a very high risk. Most States have regulations and have regular checks to the safty of the pipelines. These explosions are very rare and will most likly not happen. NPR:
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