Agribusiness: The Face of Today's Farming.
Agribusiness is currently the protagonist in modern agricultural businesses and studies. It is a type of farming that involves large-scale businesses. This consists of many operations, like processing, producing, and distributing, as well as the production of farm-related tools. One of most important reasons as to why large scale production plants prefer agribusiness methods, is because it is so convenient. 
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  • This picture represents the system involved in the agribusiness process.

Monsanto, a large-scale production business, produces multiple products, from seed fertilizers to Round Up, a popular product used for killing weeds. Major food industries, like Monsanto, which produces fertilizer for seeds and chemicals for agribusiness, favors the use of this kind of business because it is easier to group all necessary products in a short period of time.

USDA Harvest Progress Report

Change (+/-)
12% ahead of 5-year average
4% ahead of 5-year average
5% ahead of 5-year average

Involved in food production, agribusinesses have a major role in the process of formation of GMOs. Genetically modified organisms, are a cheap, convenient, and fast way for food production. The reason that these agribusiness companies favor the GMO method, is because by creating these simple short cuts, those companies increase their annual income. GMOs are not a healthy substitue for the healthier and pricier food.
Not just taking over the agricultural market, agribusiness is also offered as a college degree. Areas of agribusiness tudies, like trade association, and publication can be

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Conventional chicken processing plant. Courtesy of


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